Other Features of Tracepos

Tracepos has the following capabilities:

Track Inventory

Track inventory & replenish stock across all location

Track Payment Status

Track items pending payment and item received payments

Sales Management

Capture Sales & Track income on sales at any time


Maintain suppliers information

Discount & Promo

Give voucher or discount sales items

Sales Order

Receive and manage Sales Order


Create and scan barcode on items

Sales Receipt and Invoice

Generate and email customers’ sales receipt and invoice

Early Warning Notification

Real-time notification on Low inventory and out of stock items

Robust Dashboard

Robust dashboard to give in depth analysis of your business at a glance

White Label

Brand able with our customer business information including logo

Tax Management

Ability to manage and calculate tax on all taxable items

User Access Right

Ability to Assign and Manage user access rights


Complete accounting solutions


Detailed Performance Reports

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