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Point of Sales Module

Our point of sale system will automatically reduce your stock quantity for each branch, and calculate the amounts sold and profit made per item. Sign up to take advantage of the benefits of Tracepos

Inventory Management

The Inventory management feature in Tracepos allows you to keep track of inventory levels, orders, sales, and delivery. To avoid product overstock and outages. Utilize the Tracepos inventory management module. It is a tool for organizing inventory data that was previously maintained on paper or in spreadsheets.

Detailed Reporting

Built-in reports provide you with a rapid overview of your retail operation.
Know your best-selling products, how frequently a particular product is sold, and how long you've had a particular item in stock.


The accounting module in Tracepos allows you to record and process accounting transactions, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance. It performs the role of an accounting information system.

Bank Reconciliation

The Tracepos bank reconciliation feature allows you to match your books of account to the balance provided by your financial institution in the most recent bank statement. Any discrepancy between the two figures will be revealed so that you can investigate and, if necessary, correct them.


Tracepos online shop integration lets you connect your online shop with your offline shop so that you can manage orders, sales, inventory, customer data, and accounting all in one place.


Tracepos' Receiving fetaure allows you to receive and create new inventory items, manage item returns, and requisit inventory from your warehouse to other shop locations.

Real-time Dashboard

Use our dashboard to get a pulse reading for all locations up to the minute. Store sales, department sales, top sellers, tenders and many more metrics all in real-time.


Learn more about your customers and suppliers, as well as how to best meet their needs, by establishing a connection that includes direct contact, such as sales and service-related operations, forecasting, and the analysis of patterns and behaviors, resulting in customer retention and sales growth.


Tracepos Integrates
With Woocommerce

You can connect your Woocommerce online store to Tracepos to manage orders and inventories at the same time .

Choosing Tracepos is a smart choice because it lets you manage all your data from a single place and still stay organised so you will not spend time trying to calculate profit or loss or entering data in two different platforms.


What Clients are saying about us


"The software has been really helpful with tracking the inventories and sales record of our various outlets. The prompt response of your technical support desk has been very helpful..."


"I have used the web based app it's awesome and easy to track my business at anytime from any location. Keep it up."


"Thank you i really enjoy your software. COZ the rate of downtime and inaccuracy is close to zero "

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  • Unlimited shop locations
  • multiple Users
  • 4gb Storage
  • Backup
  • Accounting
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • 24/7 Support
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Frequently asked questions

If I lose my device, can I recover previous data?

No need for data loss. Your data is safe, secured, and accessible in the cloud.

What happens if my subscription expires?

It will autimatically deny you access to the software but you will have access again after renewal

Do you offer trainings?

Yes, we offer both offline and online training on how to use Tracepos.

What do I need to have to use the system?

You will need internet-enabled devices, internet, a printer (optional), a barcode scanner (optional).

What if i get a new staff?

We train business owners to be able to train staff. Support is also provided from our end.

What is the mode of payment?

Payment is done using third party payment gateways or local bank transfers.